Best Field Boots for Duck Hunting

For the average Baker’s customer, there’s no better field boot for duck hunting than Muck. If you’re east of the Cascades in Oregon, chances are you’ve been enjoying duck hunting season for more than a week already. Us duck hunters on the west side just got started this past weekend. But if you haven’t gone out into the field yet—or maybe you have and your boots just aren’t working for you—it may be time to get some new field boots, particularly if you’re planning to keep hunting late into the season when it gets really chilly and wet. The first time you step into mud and feel cold water trickling into your boots, you’ll regret not outfitting yourself with the best field boots on the market, the Muckmaster Hi or the Muck Wetland Premium Field Boot.

Choose Muck for Hunting in the Muck

It’s clear just from the name that Muck Boots are designed to take you through muddy, wet, cold, watery conditions. They’re ultra waterproof and rated for comfort in temperatures ranging from a frigid -20°F to 70℉. They are the perfect boot for duck hunting because the season starts so early in the fall when the weather hasn’t completely cooled down yet, but you’ll be able to handle the below freezing temps that might happen in December or January. With Oregon’s unpredictable weather, this versatile boot is perfect.

When it comes to hunting, you also need something comfortable and something that you’re going to be able to wear for hours and walk in for miles. Muck’s slip-on design and flexible lining and uppers make them some of the most comfortable boots in their class. They’re also lightweight so you won’t get as tired when walking through wet fields.

Gear Up for Duck Hunting Season

Once you’ve got your boots, you’ll need the right gear to go with them. Rivers West has a lot of great options for hunters, everything from waterproof jackets, to bibs, hats and more. Even a vest for your hunting dog.

Since duck hunting season is long, make sure you get gear that will take you from now through January and go for something versatile. If you have questions about the best boots or gear for duck hunting this year, get in touch.

Gene at Baker Boots