Crispi Boots

We are excited to inform our customers that we have recently started carrying a new brand of hunting and hiking footwear; Crispi Boots. Click to purchase them on our site.

This reputable company has been producing handmade hunting boots in Italy since 1975. Crispi boots are made with a unique Ankle Bone Support System (A.B.S.S.) technology designed specifically to offer comfort and protection of the entire ankle area using material that allows the footwear to contour gently to your ankle. Compared to similar brands this system is known for offering greater protection against sprains, especially in rough terrain, as well as limiting the fatigue on your lower joints, offering more comfort on longer hikes and hunts. Crispi boots are also made with deeps heel cups, stiff soles, and Vibram super grip out-soles to help ensure lateral stability.
Click to purchase them on our site.

According to customer reviews and feedback, Crispi boots offer almost immediate comfort and support straight out of the box with little to no break-in, making them the perfect choice for a last minute purchase before your hunting trip. Customers who prefer Kenetrek hunting boots will find that Crispi boots offer similar qualities and features, but in a taller model. Here at Baker’s we keep the Idaho and the Nevada styles in stock, as they have the feature that the majority of our customers are looking for. We can, however, special order other Crispi styles for customers who are interested in other models.

We know it’s always hard to invest in an unfamiliar brand, but we have found that Crispi boots live up to their high reputation, and we stand behind their products.  There are some existing reviews from both customers and retailers who felt that the brand was not standing behind their warranty guarantees. While it’s true that the brand went through a rough period dealing with some internal issues, the company now has a new director of sales in North America who has been working hard to rectify their past by standing firmly behind their products, warranties, and the brand itself. However, for anyone continuing to have concerns about warranty issues, as always, we offer 1 year warranty on any manufacture defects on all of our products.
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  • Nevada Legend GTX: This boot is 8.5” from the bottom of the sole to the top of the boot (6.75” from the insole to the top.)  It offers 200 grams of insulation and maximum waterproofing using Gore-Tex Insulated Footwear Lining.  These boots are designed for improved raking in difficult terrain. Crispi uses their full spectrum of footwear technology on these boots to offer premium quality, comfort, and durability.
  • Idaho GTX:
    This boot is designed for early season hunting, trekking, and hiking in rugged terrain.  This 10” boot from the bottom of the sole to the top of the boot (8" from the insole to the top) is uninsulated, Gore-Tex lined and designed for warm season hunting and activity. This is the perfect boot if you are looking for a boot that is light weight but offers optimal stability.

Click to purchase them on our site.