Best Waterproof Hunting Boots for Any Terrain

The weather can change at any moment, so getting the wrong pair of hunting boots in the field can ruin the experience. You need to have confidence that your footwear can withstand the elements and still let you feel what is happening around you. If you are looking for waterproof hunting boots that excel in any environment, these pairs are right up your alley.

What to Look For in Waterproof Hunting Boots

Are you tired of your feet getting wet while hunting? Do you want to protect your boots from water and mud? If so, the right pair of waterproof hunting boots are a definite must. You'll need something that will protect your feet while out in open fields and marshy areas. But what are the best waterproof hunting boots?

The best waterproof hunting boots should be able to withstand rain, snow, and mud without letting your feet get wet or cold. They should also have good traction, so you don’t slip on slick surfaces or loose dirt when walking through the woods. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for boots.


A well made pair of waterproof hunting boots will last much longer than cheaply-made ones, so they may be more expensive initially, but they'll save you money in the long run. Look for reinforced stitching and rugged materials that can withstand the harsh elements.


The best waterproof hunting boots will be fully waterproof up to the ankle. If you’re looking for more protection from water splashes or rain, they should also have some sort of seal around the top of the shoe and an inner liner that protects your foot from moisture on all sides. You should also consider whether your boots come with Gore-Tex liners or other synthetic materials that make them waterproof without sacrificing breathability.


If you live in a cold climate where temperatures drop below freezing during hunting season (or if you plan on hiking through snow), then insulation is essential in keeping your feet warm and comfortable in your boots all day. Insulation can provide warmth and comfort all day long if you are waterfowl hunting in cold weather.


Comfort is essential for any type of footwear, but especially for hunting boots because you'll be wearing them for hours during your hunt. Make sure your new boots are comfortable enough, so you don't have any complaints about them when it matters most.


You want your footwear to be as light as possible. But too much weight can cause problems like blisters, sore feet, and even knee injuries. A good pair of boots will weigh a few pounds. It's important to be able to walk long distances in your boots without getting tired, so you should be looking for something heavy enough to provide good support and comfort. The heavier the boot, the more durable it will be.

Best Waterproof Hunting Boots

Crispi Boots

First, we have Crispi Boots. Crispi has been one of the fastest-growing boot brands in the hunting industry over the past 5 years. If you try a pair, the quality and comfort are certainly tough to beat. Our three most popular Crispi Hunting Boots are the Crispi Guide GTX, Crispi Nevada Non-Insulated, and the Crispi Idaho.

Crispi Guide

The Crispi Guide is offered in both an insulated and non-insulated version. The difference between the two models is 200 grams of PrimaLoft insulation. The Guide is built with Crispi's famous ABSS, Ankle Bone Support System, which provides extra cushioning and support around your ankles, making a big difference while you are side hilling.

This boot has a 3 flex rating and will provide adequate support while going up and down hills all day while maintaining some flexibility in the toe box. The 9" tall all-leather uppers help provide you against anything the backcountry has to offer.

Crispi Nevada

Do you like the Guide but don't need that tall of a boot? The Crispi Nevada is the exact same boot as the Crispi Guide in a 7" Height. The Nevada is our most popular boot as this won't run into your calves which can help eliminate shin splints while breaking the boots in. Still constructed with their Ankle Bone Support System, the Nevada is one of the best hunting boots Crispi has to offer.

Man on boat with dog while hunting

Crispi Idaho II GTX

The Crispi Idaho II GTX comes in as one of our most waterproof, breathable boots you can find all while being very lightweight for it’s class. Standing at 9" tall the Idaho is constructed on their Crispi Crossbow frame out of nubuck water-resistant leather and SpiderTEK fabric, creating ultimate breathability while still being lined with a gore-tex liner.

Built with a flex 3 rating, the Idaho will support you no matter what country you are hunting in. If you hunt in a warm climate, your feet run hot, the Idaho is a perfect option for anything beating the trails.

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme

Kenetrek has been a staple in backcountry hunting for nearly 2 decades, and it's a no-brainer to include them on this list. We will keep it simple as the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme boots are some of the best boots you can buy.

Offered in men's sized: non-insulated, 400-gram and 1,000-gram insulation. The Mountain Extremes give you an option for nearly any climate you may be hunting in. At 10" tall and built with a tongue that goes right up to the top of the boot, Kenetrek is one of the most waterproof boots you can buy as they are lined for waterproofing very high on the boots..

Built with a full rubber rand, nubuck leather uppers and Kenetrek's K-Talon sole, The Mountain Extremes are built for not just sheep country but any type of country. Constructed with an EVA midsole, these boots keep you light on your feet while still providing more than adequate support. Have narrow feet? Kenetrek boots is one of the few companies that offers their premier backpacking boots in a narrow, medium, and wide width.

What’s one of the best things about the Kenetrek Mountain Extremes? They are also available in women's! The Women's Mountain Extreme boots are offered in an 8" height with all the same components as the men's, including non-insulated, 400-gram insulation and 1,000-gram insulation. Don't get cold feet in the backcountry while glassing up mountain tops looking for the ultimate reward.

Lowa Tibet GTX

Lowa has been a staple in the United States’ hunting industry since the 1970's. Several brands and models are actually modeled off of several Lowa styles. One of the best and most durable hunting boots you can buy is the Lowa Tibet GTX. At 8" tall, the Lowa Tibet gives you excellent ankle support while in the backcountry.

Built with a full shank, these boots are no slouch in steep country. You simply put your toe into the hillside, and the boots will lift you right up. These boots are built with Lowa's SPS (Supination, Pronation system), which helps prevent you from rolling over on your boots. Built with a polyurethane midsole, the Lowa Tibet GTX will provide you with maximum comfort for long days of wear and tear.

Lowa didn't cut any corners while building the Tibet. These were built with ball-bearing eyelets to maximize tightness, lace locks to keep your boots tight on your feet all day, and their C4 tongue post, which helps cinch the tongue right up to your foot. Stay dry all day long with a seamless GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable membrane. Some would argue that Lowa Tibet is the Cadillac of hunting boots, and you know what, they might just be.

Lowa Renegade Mid GTX

We can't make a list of the best hunting boots and not include the Lowa Renegade Mid GTX. This boot is not only one of our most popular men's and women's hunting/hiking boots but one of the most popular hiking boots in the world. If there was a hall of fame for boots, these would be in it.

If you like a softer, grippier sole and like to stay light on your feet, the Lowa Renegade GTX is definitely a great option. The Renegade is 6" tall, which will still provide ankle support, is built with a half shank giving a great mix of flexability and stability for light-hiking environments,, and a completely waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX liner. The Renegade is a perfect lightweight hunting or hiking boot.

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Waterproof hunting boots are a must for deer hunters or those who spend time outside in the unpredictable elements. Whether you’re hunting small game or big game, waterproof hunting boots will keep your feet dry and warm, keeping you calm and focused when you have a target in sight.

At Baker’s, we carry a variety of women’s and men’s hunting boots with waterproof protection for any type of hunter. With our large selection at an affordable price, you will be able to find the perfect pair of waterproof hunting boots that fit your needs and budget perfectly. Shop in-store at our Eugene, Oregon location or shop online. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts, releases, and boot care tips.