Built To Order Boot Policy

New policy update will go into effect 08/01/2022

The timeframes provided by the Baker's Boots & Clothing team and/or the bakershoe.com website are estimated, and due to the nature of the handmade boot process, these lead times may fluctuate.

Canceling an order:

We can cancel a custom boot order order up to 7 business days after the order is submitted at bakershoe.com. After 7 days, if a custom boot has already been started by our manufacturing partner, a refund can be approved by ownership or management but may be subject to a 30% re-stock fee. 

If you need to make any changes to your order:

Please note that each of our partners have a different manufacturing process and depending on when the change request is made, it may not be possible. We will treat each change request as a case by case situation and will accommodate you based on where the boots are in the production process. If the leather has been cut and sewn by the manufacturer, the boot leather can not be changed. Please limit changes as it's a lot of work for our partners but if a change is needed, please reach out to us as soon as possible. If our partner can make the change, we will make it happen but please be aware sometimes your boots are too far along! 

All changes must be communicated in writing via email: orders@bakershoe.com

    If you are sending in your measurements and tracings:

    • We will not process your order until your measurements and tracings have been received and evaluated.
    • In addition, we will also not process your order until you confirm your sizing from our evaluations.
      • Build time does not start until your order has been processed.

      Boot Deposit
      All deposits made are NON-REFUNDABLE. The deposit allows for your order to be processed. The remaining balance must be paid before the boots are shipped to you. Boots will not be shipping until this balance is paid.

          We are happy to honor price adjustments on all orders placed on bakershoe.com to any advertised price on bakershoe.com within 7 days of the start of the sale. Once a sale ends, we no longer honor the sale price.

          Price adjustments will be honored by crediting the original purchaser via Baker's Boots Gift Card in the amount of the price difference. Please send an email to orders@bakershoe.com if you would like to request a price adjustment.