Brandon Baker’s Hunting Favorites

Top picks for a very successful season – vetted by a pro


When you’re out on a hunt, quality gear is going to make a world of difference. The better your gear, the longer you can stay out – providing more time for you to collect your animal. You might be the world’s best shot, but if you don’t have the right gear to get you from point A to point B, your likelihood of success decreases significantly. That’s why I’m sharing some of my hunting gear favorites with the Baker’s family – so that you’re never caught in a situation where you have the skill, but not the gear!


Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody

With a pull up facemask and hood, this hoody provides the ultimate concealment when an animal is approaching you in the early season. As the seasons change, this is a great base layer piece to continue to wear in uncertain weather. 

Mountain Pant

This is a great year-round pant. The DWR finish makes these pants very water repellent. With plenty of pockets to keep things like a wind checker, calls, a GPS, or anything else you may need, the Mountain Pant is one of the more versatile pants Sitka offers. Built-in knee pads are an added bonus if you do a lot of crawling, but in my eyes they are best when you are taking care of an animal on the ground. 

Grumman Goose Down Jacket Grey 

Grumman Jacket

When you want one of the lightest, most packable warm jackets out there, look no further than the Grumman Jacket by Stone Glacier.  This is a great piece to add to your closet as the cold weather rolls in. If you are spending lots of time behind glass, you need to be able to sit in comfort – something the Grumman more than allows.


Solo Pack

At 3600 cubic inches, this is a great size pack with a 2500 expandable load shelf. It’s perfect as a day pack, but the expandable load shelf provides you with more volume if you are going into the backcountry and plan on staying for an extended amount of time. When you need to stay as light as possible and get the best quality you can, the Solo fits the bill, weighing in at only 4 pounds 9 ounces.


Crispi Guide

Featuring all-leather construction with a flex 3 rating, the Crispi Guide is a great all-purpose hunting boot. This boot gives you premier support while hiking steep terrain and provides flexibility in the toe box, increasing your comfort on flat ground. This boot is offered in both insulated and non-insulated form. If you are still hunting or do a lot of glassing, I would suggest the insulated version; however, if you are constantly on the move and do a lot of spot and stalk, then the non-insulated would definitely be the way to go.



Lt Dan said it best: “Take good care of your feet.” You can have the best gear in the world but if you don't have the proper support underneath your feet, long days in the back country can be grueling. Superfeet provides you with adequate support for being on your feet all day while having extra weight on your back. The Trailblazer is built with moderate arch support, is cushioned throughout, and has an extra-wide heel cup that not only locks your heel into place but allows for your feet to swell as the day progresses.


Darn Tough

Merino wool has been brought back from the dead with a lot of gear nowadays, and socks are no different. Merino wool is a great option because when it's warm, the wool will pull the moisture off your feet and cool your feet off. While in the backcountry, you can take your socks off, air them out, and wear them inside out the next day. When you take your socks off, the sock is wet while your feet are dry. When cold weather arrives, the merino wool will help keep your feet nice and warm. That’s some serious versatility. What's the best thing about these socks? They truly are “Darn Tough,” as they offer a lifetime warranty.