Choosing Wildland Fire Boots

Choosing Wildland Fire Boots

We've got nothing but respect for Wildland Firefighters and that's why we offer the best Wildland fire boots. When fighting wildfires you need be prepared for anything— from long hikes to sudden changes in the weather, trailblazing and more. Your boots are one of the most most crucial tools in getting you from one spot to another quickly and safely.

When choosing your wildland fire boots, you want to keep a few things in mind:

Make sure your boots meet the standards required

The Wildland Fire Fighting Protective Footwear that Baker's Boots sells conforms to the to the specification requirement contained in NFPA 1977 Protective Footwear for Wildland Fire Fighting 2005 31DR Edition. Understanding the requirements is the first step to purchasing the right boot. No boot will be 100% effective to protect against the dangers of the job, but boots such as White's Smokejumper can help protect you in a way that other boots don't. When you're running down a trail with a 45lb pack on your back heading into imminent danger, quality leather, firm ankle support and a vibram lug sole may be the difference between life and death.

Dual purpose is important

One minute you're in the station, the next you're on the way to the wilderness to battle a 1000-acre fire. You need a boot that can go from urban to wildland without missing a beat. We see more and more departments looking to meld the utility of station boots with the standards required in safety boots. Thorogood Hellfire 10” Wildland Fire Fighting Leather Boots are perfect for the both.

Quality means safety

Look for boots made of real leather, with composite toe caps— composite toe caps are far lighter than steel toes and do not conduct heat— as well as ankle support and a well made sole that is puncture and slip resistant. Also, if you're going to be heading to an area where electrical wires could be down, or other such concerns, make sure you consider a boot that static dissipative.

For more tips on choosing wildland fire boots, or to speak to a fitting expert, call us at 1-800-879-0514.

Gene at Baker’s Boots