A Guide to Getting the Perfect Pair of Custom Boots

Custom boots should fit like a glove and be tough as nails. They can provide you with a design and fit that caters to your personal style and taste. When designing a boot for your line of work, you have full control over all specifications, including shaft height, heel height, toe style, leathers, and much more!

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Why Choose a Custom Boot

The first thing is the look and outsoles of your boots. With a custom boot, you can choose a lot of different aspects of your boot without having to be stuck with a fixed setup that does not have everything the way that you want it. 

We provide a wide variety of options for leather colors, outsoles, heel shapes, and even toe caps. You can design the boots to be the way that you want them to look, and truly make YOUR boots, not someone else's.

The other big reason to choose a custom pair of boots is the optimization of your fit.

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How to Find the Perfect Custom Boot Fit

Let's say that you send in your measurements and tracings (here is a foot measuring guide) and one of our fit experts evaluates them and you can't just do a stock size. You might opt for split sizing, where you have one boot at one stock size and one foot at another. For example, you might need to wear an 11D on your left foot and a 12B on your right foot. 

Another possibility is that you might have to do an instep adjustment or a custom leg pattern to make sure that the quarters (the part of the boots that house the garments) do not overlap once the boots are broken in, causing you to not be able to lace up your boots properly. 

You may even need to do a made-to-measure. This would be the case if the different parts of your feet came up to different widths like you had a D width instep, B width ball of your foot, and EE width heel.

Regardless of your foot shape and size, designing a custom boot allows you to craft a pair that is “sole”-ly meant for you.

Shop Custom Boots at Baker Shoe Company

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Baker Shoe Company is a family-owned and operated business that provides quality craftsmanship in every custom boot design. Baker offers any type of customer a high-quality build and materials, so that every last detail, from the eyelets to the custom sole, matches their lifestyle and needs.

Our bootmaker works with you to cover all your specifications and find a comfortable shoe that lasts for years. 

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