Our Top 3 Favorite Lowa Boots

If you’re a hiker, backpacker, or hunter you’ve probably heard of LOWA Boots. Based in Germany, they have been making boots for more than 90 years and really know their stuff when it comes to boots for the outdoors. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you enjoy LOWA has a perfect boot, from boots designed for people carrying heavy loads like backpackers or hunters, to all-weather boots for wet or dry climates. They can go on any terrain everything from hiking trails in the coastal range here in Oregon to backpacking up the South Sister, famous for it’s rocky terrain and skree which is loose rock and shale. LOWA boots are famous for their patented GORE-TEX® lining that makes boots waterproof and a special polyurethane midsole that’s way tougher than other materials on the market. Here are my top 3 favorite LOWA boots.

1. LOWA Tibet GTX

I recommend the LOWA Tibet GTX for men, or the Tibet Pro for women, to my most hardcore hunter and backpacker customers. They are designed to carry a load as big as you can carry and have a rating of 50+ pounds. The ankle support and 9” upper will keep you safe even on uneven ground. They are perfect for those diehard folks, Oregonians in particular, I was talking about because they can take you through even the most extreme weather conditions with the GORE-TEX® lining on the inside that keeps your feet bone dry. They are also cooling because of the internal climate control system that lets air in but pushes heat and sweat out, so you can stay cool in the summer and in the winter all you need is a pair of good socks like the Tracker by FITS Sock or Darn Tough Socks to keep warm.

2. LOWA Ranger GTX

The LOWA Ranger GTX is another popular one for my customers in the Pacific Northwest because it’s also a great all-weather boot. It’s a bit firmer than the LOWA Renegade that we also sell that’s designed for more casual trail hiking. The Ranger GTX is great both on and off the trail. It’s got great ankle support for side-hilling and is rated for 40-60 pound loads so it can be a good choice for hunters or backpackers too.

3. LOWA Boots Baffin Pro

The Baffin Pro is great for both men and women and is basically a non-GORE-TEX® version of the LOWA Tibet GTX. Just like the Tibet GTX, it’s great for extreme terrain, on and off the trail, but is best in dry climates. Even in extreme heat the wearer’s feet stay cool because of the internal climate control system. It’s got self-cleaning lugs in the sole that make the traction the best it can be over all kinds of surfaces.

These three boots are pretty much the best for hiking, backpacking, and hunting that you can find. They’re designed for enthusiasts and are super heavy-duty. In fact, the Tibet was even rated in Backpacker Magazine and the tester, who took them out on the Presidential Range in New Hampshire, said “they barely look used” after they came back. That just gives you an idea of how tough, sturdy, and durable these boots are. If you’re not as advanced or are looking to do some lighter hiking, I recommend the LOWA Boots Men’s Renegade II Lo for men or the LOWA Boots Lady Renegade II GTX Lo for women. If you have any questions or want to check on the in-store availability of our favorite LOWA boots, give us a call.

Gene at Baker Boots