White's Boots Last Options

We receive several calls each day with questions regarding last options for White's Boots. In an effort to provide our customers with come clarity on the subject we have decided to write a brief summary of each option and the type of boot that last typically pertains to. We hope this helps clear up any questions you might have regarding the different lasts that are available to you, however if you have further questions our customer service department would still be glad to help educate you further.

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4811 last

Used on Smoke Jumper styles - 400v plain toe and 400v lace to toe. Quite a bit of toe room and a good arch, making it great for a work boot.

55 last

Mostly used on White's 400v steel toes, White’s semi dress, or 6 inch Smoke Jumper styles. Not as much room in toe as 4811 but makes a dressier boot. Very similar arch as 4811 last. This is our second most popular last.

461 last

Mostly used in White’s Semi Dress style. A little more room in toe than 55 but less than the 4811. Leaves the boot with an up-turned toe or “spring” toe box. About the same arch as 4811. Originally was used in our Buffalo boot line, now Hathorn hi-line.

38 swing last

Primarily used in the semi dress and some 6 inch models. Much more width in toe box area. Not as much height in the toe as our 4811. Lightly used last when compared to other lasts. Great last for those who have wide ball/width area on feet and a narrower heel. Flatter/lower arch then 4811, 55 and 461 but more so then NW last.

Northwest last

Mostly used on our unit soles and crepe sole boots. We need a flat shank to get the Vibram unit sole and crepe soles to seal to the Vibram slip. Least amount of arch support. More toe room than our 4811 but not as much as the swing last.

690 last

Used extensively on our packer line. More arch than the all the others except the 695. Less room in toe area. Much more ankle support. A great boot for riding horses and working on the ranch.

695 last

White's pointed toe last with the most arch. Used mostly in White's thoroughbred line of dress packer boots.