Flame Panda


      When we asked Peng, the owner of Flame Panda, to give an introduction to his company, this is the raw/unedited reply he sent us:


      Hello everyone, my name is Peng meng, everyone calls me Peng. My name on instagram is Flamepanda, and some people call me that. I'm the head of the studio and I'm also a /designer/shoemaker. we are shoemakers in a small town in Xinxiang, Henan, China. Our studio started with just 2 people (me and my uncle). Currently our studio has grown to 6 people (all my family members). When the studio was first established, our business was just repairing boots and shoes. It was some ordinary sneakers and shoes and boots from the factory line. Then we had the opportunity to repair traditional craft boots and I was fascinated by it. With the development of the business, I have gained experience in making boots by collecting related materials on the Internet and repairing various traditional boots such as Reding/Vibreg/White/Alden. I believe the latter is the most important in helping us. I make these high standard traditional boots strictly.

      It's a pity that the boots made at the time were very difficult to sell (I mean almost impossible to sell) because of the price. As the head of the studio, I had to drastically reduce the quality of the boots (and thus the cost). But when our incom e is enough to feed my family and I, I'll find ways to improve the quality of my boots. Until I hesitated for a few years, finally got up the courage to release boots on social networking platforms. Our business has grown a lot . I am grateful. We had been making boots in a small town before and I had a hard time recognizing the flaws in the boots we made. Fortunately, I also didn't realize the advantages that existed in the boots we made. So we can always concentrate on making the boots in our hands. But everything is changing, and it's another story now. I am thankful that now I am not anxious, but full of anticipation when facing change. But my only hope is that I don't forget my original intention. I sincerely thank customers who have served 

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