Baker's Boot Wax-7 Oz.

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The Baker and Purky family has been making our own boot wax since the early 1950s. This recipe is made with natural vegetable based oils and beeswax. The combination makes the boot wax a great 2 in 1 product - the wax will waterproof your leather as the natural oils will condition the hide and lubricate your stitching to prevent premature stitching wear.

Another great feature on this boot wax is it's very easy to apply: You can use your hands, a small brush or a rag to apply the wax; the beauty is you don't need a heat source to melt the product - it liquifies on contact and penetrates the pores of the leather to provide ultimate protection against the elements.

Here at Baker's we don't use any chemicals, petroleum distillates, animal fats, lanolin or any other synthetic ingredients creating an odorless wax that you can apply on footwear, leather goods, and even clothing garments. We have had great success using this product on waxed garments like canvas jackets, hats, oil finished cotton, etc. 

Please note: the wax will darken leather with use.

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