Baker’s Bestsellers

Our customers often ask us what our bestsellers are at Baker’s Boots & Clothing. We have an inventory of thousands of boots and shoes, but there are definitely a few that come to mind as best sellers.

Stock Boss Boot by Wesco

The Stock Boss Boot by Wesco is arguably the best motorcycle boot on the market. The height of the boot provides ankle support and protects against injury. It’s rugged yet comfortable and is Oregon-made using Wesco’s 155-step boot making process that ensures the highest quality possible. The Boss Boot used to be known as the Engineer Boot because it was a favorite among early 20th-century welders. View our inventory here.

Custom Wesco Boss Boot

The Custom Wesco Boss Boot, similarly to the Stock Boss was widely known as the Wesco Engineer Boot for decades. It’s now worn for a wide range of uses as a work boot, a motorcycle boot, and everything in between. The Custom Wesco Boss Boot is a favorite among our customers because so many of the features are customizable. Some of the options include storage pockets, safety or regular toe, height, width, and heel types. View our inventory here.

Wesco Jobmaster

The Wesco Jobmaster was originally designed to stand up to the demanding requirements of the logging industry; they’re weather resistant and long-wearing, with tough soles and quality materials. These days, this boot is a favorite among our customers who want a quality boot that is Made in USA and is affordable, long-lasting, and flexible for all kinds of weather. Plus, it looks great too. View our selection of Jobmasters here.

LOWA Tibet Pro GTX

The LOWA Tibet Pro GTX is our most popular hiking boot; loved by backpackers and hunters alike.The boot itself is lightweight and extremely durable while allowing you to easily carry up to 50 pounds over great distances. The LOWA Tibet Pro GTX boot is breathable, comfortable, and is perfect for hikers of all levels. See our LOWA boots here.

Smokejumper by White’s Boots

The Smokejumper by White’s Boots is hands down the number one boot we sell for wildland firefighting period. These boots are waterproof, feature oil-tanned, leather uppers that are hand-sewn, and come with Vibram soles that are known for helping wildland firefighters stay sure-footed. Check out our Smoke Jumper Boots here.


Customers who enjoy trail hiking, but want a high quality, weatherproof boot, often select the LOWA Ranger GTX. This boot is a variation of the LOWA Tibet Pro GTX. It’s designed to hold up to the elements while keeping you comfortable but is best when worn with mid-weight backpacks or gear. View our LOWA inventory here.

LOWA Baffin Pro

Not all of our customers live in climates like Oregon, and are interested in hiking boots designed for dry, hot climates such as the LOWA Baffin Pro. This boot is pretty versatile; breathable enough for a hot day hike in the Grand Canyon and tough enough to carry a fully-loaded backpack in dusty and rugged terrain. The LOWA Baffin Pro is sometimes purchased by firefighters for wildland firefighting as well. Take a look at our LOWA boots here.

Custom Semi Dress Boot by White’s Boots

The Custom Semi Dress Boot by White’s Boots is perfect for our customers who spend their days in offices or all day on their feet. This hand-sewn boot is known for its comfort factor and many of our customers tell us they feel like it conforms to their feet. The custom options include height, leather, soles, and more. Build your custom boot here.