Baker’s Professional Boot Repair Services

Baker’s Boots & Clothing know that your boots are an investment for your feet. To keep them in good shape and retain their original fit, proper repair work is essential. Baker's Professional Boot Repair Services are provided by repair technicians who treat each pair like it's their own, so you can be assured your boots will be returned in the best possible condition.

Boot Repair Services

All Makes and Models of Boots welcome
Baker's will repair all makes and models of boots including work boots, western boots, Pac boots, firefighting boots, hiking boots and most shoes. Baker’s Boots & Clothing makes sure that special care is taken to assure the best possible work is done.

Handmade Boots
Quality handmade boots like White’s, Hathorn, Nicks, Drew's and others need specialized attention provided by repair professionals. Such as:

  1. At Baker's, boots are repaired and re-soled on the original lasts that they were manufactured on. This restores the original shape of the arch and shank that is critical to the fit and comfort of the boot.
  2. Heel settings and balance of high arch boots is imperative. Heel bases need to be set correctly so pronation or supination is minimized. Ball and heel of boot is balanced for level walking.
  3. We use machinery that restitches vibram lug soles to boots so they meet factory specifications. This is important to avoid sole delamination.
  4. Baker's repair technicians are careful to preserve the hand sewing and welting when resoling boots. Also, careful attention is given to insole condition and other factors that may determine if your boots need a factory rebuild. We will advise you accordingly.


What is included in the repair of my boots and how much does it cost?

Baker's Boot Overhaul Special
(For Work Boots and Packers)

Work Includes:

  • New soles and heels
  • Re-stitch all bad seams
  • New false tongues and laces
  • New sock liners
  • Replace any worn hooks or eyes
  • Cleaning and oiling

Cost: Starting at $140 plus shipping

Western Boot Repair
Work Includes:

  • Full soles and heels
  • (leather or composition)
  • Re-dye bases and sole edges
  • Re-stitch any bad seams
  • New sock liners
  • Polish or oil

Cost: $99 plus shipping

Depending on the condition of your boots, they could need additional work such
as welting, patches, toe caps, insoles or midsoles that would incur additional cost.
All repairs require a deposit before starting the work. Please contact us with questions. Also, please clean your boots before shipping or additional costs may apply.

Specialty Work
Baker's repair technicians can off-set heels to help correct supination or pronation. Lifts or rockers can be added as needed. Rawhide counters can be added to western boots as well as saddle vamps. A spur shelf can be added and heel heights can be changed on western boots. Ask a Baker's repair technician about your sole options.

Repair Materials
Baker's Boots & Clothing uses only the highest grade repair materials available. Original materials are used when possible to restore your boots to like-new condition. Leather soles used for repair are superior to original soles and will wear longer with greater moisture resistance. Oil tan or dry tan soles are available.

If you have any questions about the repair of your boots please contact us to speak with a Baker’s Boots & Clothing repair shop technician. We will be happy to help. 1-800-879-0514 or e-mail us:

Baker's is not responsible for boots lost, damaged by fire, or left for more than 30 days.

Boot Rebuilding

One advantage of handmade boots is the fact that they are completely rebuildable. This is a different service than the boot overhaul referred to previously. All White’s Boots, Baker's Boots and Nicks Boots can be completely rebuilt to brand new condition by using the old uppers to build a new pair. When the insole of your boots begin to crack, crystallize, and rot because of extended wear, they need to be rebuilt. Resoling (only) is not an option when the insoles are destroyed. Sometimes this is not evident until the boot is taken apart by our technicians. We will advise you that your boots need a factory rebuild and get the work done for you.

Factory Rebuild Includes:

  • New insoles
  • New midsoles
  • New shanks (arches)
  • New vamps (toe piece)
  • New out soles
  • New counter pockets
  • Plus replacing worn hooks or eyes, restitching any bad seams, oiling and cleaning boots.

Your boots will be like new except for the original uppers. Rebuilding is recommended as it will cost you substantially less than a new pair. Call for price quotes on rebuild costs or e-mail us:

Pac Boot Rebuilding
Baker's can get your Pac Boots back into like new condition by replacing your worn bottoms with new ones. Baker's can rebuild all White's Pacs and most other brands as well depending on the size and condition of leather uppers. This is a great way to extend the life of your Pacs. Repair work includes new rubber bottoms (entire foot), new laces and false tongues. New liners or insoles are extra.
Cost: $140 plus shipping for most boots.

Pac boot liners can wear out too or you may just want extra liners to be able to trade off with the liners in the boots. This way you always have a dry pair to start the day with. Wool felt liners are available in 14" heights and Thinsulate liners in 10" or 13" heights. Call or e-mail to see which liners you need for your boots. Wool felt insoles can be placed in your Pacs to reduce the width for a snugger fit as well as to add warmth. Prices are as follows:

  • 14" Wool Felt Liners $19.95
  • 13" Thinsulate Liners $33.50
  • 10" Thinsulate Liners $27.50
  • Wool Felt Insoles $6.00