Mobile Fitting Service

If your fire department is considering the purchase of wildland boots, you may be interested in Baker's Wildland Fire Boot Program and Mobile Fitting service.

At Baker, we specialize in outfitting wildland firefighters with top-notch boots, specifically designed to hold up in extreme conditions. We understand that fire boots are an important part of fire safety. Proper fit, arch support, and durability cannot be compromised. We offer only the best handmade boots with high arch construction in various price ranges to fit your needs. Our boots come in virtually all sizes, including custom boots to fit both men and women. Whether we are selling an individual pair or doing a large group fitting, we work with each customer to get the proper fit.


Here's How The Program Works:

  1. Choose the boots that you’re interested in from our website and call our sales staff to see if these boots will work for you. Be sure to ask if we are offering any current specials.
  2. For 40 pair or more, Baker’s will provide our Mobile Fitting Service at no extra cost. This means, we’ll come out to your location to determine each person’s size. This is important, as handmade boots fit differently from what you may have now. The correct size, including arch position and ball width, can make a critical difference in comfort to the wearer.
  3. All boots are guaranteed to fit and are guaranteed against any defects in quality and workmanship.
  4. All of our boots are repairable and/or rebuildable. This means a better value to the purchaser for much longer wear. We repair all of our own boots on original manufacturing lasts which will retain proper fit and durability. Call if you have questions about our repair program.


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