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Muck boots — with a name like that you know that these boots are designed for the tough stuff, no matter how muddy it gets. These 100% waterproof boots have become synonymous with work and outdoor life. They’re work boots for farming, ranching, gardening and all your outdoor chores, but they’re also hunting boots and rain boots. Founded in 1999, The Original Muck Boot Company® is committed to its original vision of producing ultra-comfortable, high-performance footwear for the outdoors. And they’ve been noticed for it too. Muck boots have been featured and recommended by Outdoor Life Magazine, Men’s Journal, Field & Stream, and more. When you think outdoor work or hunting, you think Muck.

Muck Boots for Work

If you’ve got a dirty job, whether on the job site or on your home range, a Muck Boot like the Muckmaster Hi or the Muck Chore Hi will help you get the job done. Lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof, these chore boots will keep you going even in tough conditions. Here in Oregon, you can expect rain all year round, even in the summer. A Muck Boot ensures that you’ll still be able to cross of your chore list or get your work done, especially in rainy climates.

Muck Boots for Hunting

Out in the woods or the field, you never know where the hunt is going to take you. It’s best to prepare for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions and get a hunting boot that’s versatile and waterproof. Especially if you’re hunting waterfowl, you’ll need a field boot like the Muck Wetland Premium Field Boot. Muck’s best-selling premium field boot, the Wetland features a stretch-fit topline binding to keep the warmth in and the cold out. The bootie can also roll down to convert the boot from a hi to a mid-height upper. When you’re out in the field, or trudging through wetlands, you’ll need a boot that can stand up to the mud like a Muck.


Muckology encompasses the very essence of a Muck Boot. These are the techniques and principles that they use to design and produce the high-performance boots that convert people into lifetime Muck enthusiasts.

Comfortable, lightweight and flexible, Muck Boots are easy to put on and remove; making it easy for you to transition from outside to inside and vice versa. They’re designed for all-weather conditions and some models feature a removable sock liner for added support and warmth. As we mentioned above, Muck boots are completely waterproof, thanks to natural rubber uppers and a NEOPRENE shell that’s waterproof and keeps warmth in. The moisture-wicking airmesh lining ensures breathability, drawing sweat and moisture away from your skin. Finally, Muck Boots are known for their versatility with styles available for everything from hunting to farming and ranching, and any other outdoor chores you need to get done.