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One hundred percent operated and manufactured in the United States, Wesco boots are an emblem of hard-working America. Known for their high-quality and unparalleled fit, particularly in their custom-made boots, Wescos have long been regarded as some of the finest boots available. For loggers, linemen, welders, and professionals who need tough work boots, Wesco is often a first choice.

America's Most Beloved Motorcycle Boot

But they’re not all work and no play. The Wesco Boss is a popular choice for motorcyclists. The Boss was introduced in 1939 as the Engineer boot. It was originally popular among early 20th-century welders who needed a boot they could kick off easily if sparks from their work got inside. Later, with the rise in popularity of motorcycles, the Boss took on a new identity. The Custom Boss, in particular, provides a level of comfort for all-day wear that is essential for motorcycle enthusiasts. It also offers necessary ankle protection in the event of a slide, one of the most common motorcycle accidents. Today, the Wesco Boss is a top choice among motorcyclists or professionals who need an all-day work boot that is both practical and stylish.

Hard-working Boots for Hard-working People

For linemen— utility workers and professionals who find themselves climbing power and telephone poles for a living— the Highliner has long been a favorite. Another great work boot, popular across a range of professions, is the Wesco Jobmaster.

Unparalleled Quality

Wesco is most well-known for their uncompromised commitment to handmade construction and high-quality materials, both of which result in a long-lasting, superbly-fitting boot. Their 155-step method for constructing boots is detail-oriented, with much of the process being completed by hand. Wesco uses only the best full-grain leather in every boot. The full-leather gusset goes all the way up to the top of the boot, and combined with the full-leather vamp and leather lining, the boot offers three layers of shin protection. Counters are permanently formed, resulting in a crush-proof, water-resistant structure. Each element that goes into the construction of the boot is selected for quality: steel rather than plastic, for example, and always leather, instead of cork. Each pair of Wesco boots is rebuildable— a process where more than half of the boot is removed and replaced with new materials.

The video available on Wesco’s website of their boot-making process is mesmerizing. While Wesco boots have been updated for the 21st century, skilled boot-makers in their Scappoose, Oregon workshop continue to construct boots according to the company’s original commitment to quality. Since the company was founded in 1918 by John Shoemaker— with a brief interruption during the Great Depression when it was forced to shut down— the focus has remained on an unbeatable custom fit and the individualized construction of each boot. True to their name, the Shoemaker family still owns and operates Wesco boots, and the company is now in the hands of the third and fourth generations.