Hoffman Loggers Wear Calk Boot

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The Hoffman LW5 pull-on style boot is a tremendous value, featuring an easy on, easy -off boot design while still offering a supportive upper. The durable rubber is a mixture of NBR (Nitrile Butadience) and natural rubber, making the boot very resistant to oils and chemicals, while providing excellent abrasive resistance. The LW5 features 9 layers of polyamide tricod / rubber composition in the front of the boot, providing some chainsaw protection. Other features include an air-cushioned heel and added protection for the Achilles tendon, ankle and metatarsal. NOTE: Although this boot has added chainsaw protection features, it is not certified as a chainsaw-certified boot.

  • Natural rubber which is abrasive resistant
  • 9 Layer Polymide Tricot Front Protection
  • Removable calks
  • Snug ankle fit
Hoffman Loggers Wear Calk Boot - Baker's Boots and Clothing